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Weekend In Singapore

Singapore has always been one of our go-to travel destinations ever since I was a kid, whether it was with my family, or with my friends. I'm actually not sure why. Maybe because it's close from home, plane tickets aren't that bad (believe it or not, it's actually cheaper to go from Jakarta to Singapore than from Jakarta to Bali sometimes), they pretty much have everything!

Even though Singapore is a very small country (it's only about 2/3 of New York City), there are soooo many things to see and do in Singapore. What do we usually do here? EAT! :) And of course shop.

This time around, one of my best friends, Marcia, and I, decided to do other things than just eat. We planned an itinerary for a weekend.


I arrived on a Friday morning, after flying for 20 hours plus plus with Singapore Air, which can I say, has the best landing I've ever experienced! You know how sometimes when an airplane starts to descend for landing, and it feels like your organs are trying to do a free fall? Singapore Air had such a smooth landing, that I didn't have to shut my eyes so tightly that I see stars when I open them back. And the food! One of the BEST airplane food! 

With no more than four hours of sleep, messy hair, and under-eyes as dark as espresso shots, I proceeded to my friend's apartment. With a taxi. Because I didn't feel like struggling with 2 giant suitcases in the train or bus with barely enough energy to even drag myself.

Taxis in Singapore are generally quite pricey. At 7 in the morning, during peak hours, I was expecting my taxi ride to be around S$30-45. To my surprise, it came only to S$20!

As soon as I reached her apartment, I took a shower. It felt sooooooo good! And our adventure began!

First off, breakfast. We found a cafe nearby, Craftsmen Coffee.

Orchard Road. Orchard Road is probably the heart of Singapore. Every person who comes to Singapore, will most probably have Orchard Road on their list. Think of it as the Times Square of Singapore, a boulevard of shops. And it's dead on Friday morning!

Apparently shops in Singapore don't really open until 11 or 12. So we just strolled around.

Malls in Singapore are just like any other malls, collections from Zara, Mango, Sephora, etc; with sections specially dedicated to brands like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Hermes, and so on.

Moving on, we went to Kampong Glam and Haji Lane area, where colorful graffiti walls stretch from one end of the street to another and another and another. Mandatory selfie spot~

Later in the day, we met up with one of our friends, Dedi, who’s living in Singapore. He brought us to a vegetarian sushi restaurant hidden somewhere in Sunshine Plaza. It’s called Teng Bespoke. When I heard the phrase “vegetarian sushi,” I was a bit skeptical. I couldn’t imagine how it would taste like. But I was mind blown! It was actually amazing!

Although, I wasn’t that big of a fan with the sashimi. I guess in my head I was still expecting actual sashimi. What I was impressed about Teng Bespoke is that, unlike a lot of the vegetarian places that I’ve tried which use flour and a ton of flavorings as their main ingredients, Teng Bespoke actually use konyaku jelly, giving the food a nice chewy texture.


This has been in our list since the last time we visited Singapore. The Singapore Botanic Garden. We couldn’t pick a worse day to go to the Botanic Garden. It was the hottest and the most humid day out of our entire trip! So get your sunscreen, hat, portable fans, body mists, etc etc, to cool yourself off.

This place is huuuuuuuuge! You can easily spend one or two days walking around and visiting every spot. So Marcia and I pretty much looked at the map and just pinpointed the spots we wanted to visit.

First spot of our botanical journey was the Evolution Garden, showing us the history of plants from the Dinosaurs era up til now.

I love the little details they put. Like these footprints! :)

Next stop. The Healing Garden. It was filled with herbs. But!!! A huge chunk of the garden was closed for private touring. So we went ahead to our next stop. Orchid Garden. We were both so excited about the Orchid Garden, because well… They are beautiful! And my mother loves orchids! So the entire time I was sending her thousands of orchid pictures! :)

We walked and walked til we almost reached the other end of the Botanic Garden. There was a section for desert plantations. Tons of succulents and cacti. And then… I found this plant!

Baobab tree! I was so excited when I found this tree. I’ve been working with superfoods a lot. I’ve always wanted to look at the trees and plants in person. So yay!

Our leg felt like they were on the verge of falling off. I checked my Fitbit for my step counts.



We were still tired from our walk the day before. So we spent that day pretty much just to restaurant hop. Beginning with a brunch at Ninja Bowl, located in the Downtown of Singapore, in a small, cute alley of Duxton Road. Keep your eyes out, for this restaurant doesn’t really have a huge sign outside.

 Dedi joined us for brunch. More food to try! Woot!!!! :p Starting with Cauli Pops as appetizers. So crunchy and full of flavors!

Marcia and I shared the Yasai, consisting of salmon poke, sultanas, tomatoes, and onsen egg, on a bed of lettuce. Everything was delicious and so fresh! The salmon poke melts in your mouth, and the onsen egg was a perfect onsen egg!

Dedi ordered the Geisha, consisting of roasted pumpkin, mushrooms, tomatoes, buttered carrots, also onsen egg, on a bed of Ninja Rice, sprinkled with furikake. So much going on in that bowl. But omg!!!! Finger-licking!

We finished our meal with their Fancy French. Fancy indeed! A soft fluffy brioche, surrounded by fresh fruits, a fabulous fig jam, drizzled with a sweet tangy ume syrup. YYYYYUUUUMMMM!!!!

Marcia and I became obsessed with Ninja Bowl! I actually miss it right now.

Our last stop was Veganburg. Introduced by, of course, Dedi. It is theeeeeee most delicious veggie burger I have ever tasted! I’ve been on a mission to look for a good veggie burger around me. So far, I’ve found none.

But anyways, I’ve tasted quite a few of their burgers, and my favorite is their Creamy Shrooms. Crispy, yet juicy, topped with dairy-free creamy sauce and caramelized onions, sliced mushrooms, on a bed of fresh lettuce, stuffed in a fiber-rich buns. You can choose your sides, either the delicious crispy French fries, or the fresh steamed broccoli. I am hoping and praying that they open one near me. :p

And that (along with a little bit of shopping) pretty much ended our Singapore trip this year. I know there will be more Singapore trips in my future. :)