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The Importance of Doing Nothing

Well not exactly nothing...

For the last two weeks, I've been running myself on lack of sleep. Forcing myself to function with a limited amount of energy stored inside of me. And what happened? I collapsed. Last week, I fell sick. So sick that I couldn't get up. Slept for the entire day, and only had the appetite to slurp down some soup.

Working from home, it's so tempting (especially knowing that I'm a workaholic, not that I'm proud of it) to open up my laptop, plug that hard drive in, and work away. Can't really think of anything to do? Open that laptop, plug that hard drive, and work away! Or the times when I went "just a bit more." And before I knew it, it was past midnight. The next morning, the entire scene repeated itself once again.

So the past couple of days, I've been spending some time doing nothing, and well of course, recovering. Just sitting on the couch, watching some series, or reading a book. With the kitties :3

I'd have to admit, it felt pretty good being disconnected form my laptop for a few days. I even had the time to get out of the house and actually do something fun! :D Kyle and I, and our best friend who we call "The Belly," my mother-in-law, and our neighbor went to Sky Zone, which is an indoor trampoline park. It was sooooomuch fun! We jumped so much, that our legs were actually sore. Too bad we didn't have our phones to take pictures.

Sometimes, it's good to really just sit down and relax. Grab a book, watch your favorite shows, or just a simple nap. Your body will thank you.