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Spending My Birthday

Honestly, when I made the decision of moving to the other end of the world, 10,000 miles away from friends and family, I had an enormous amount of fear. I feared that I would be alone. Well, I have Kyle, sure. But what about friends? And being the introvert that I am, socializing is not as easy for me.

Oddly enough, once I let go of that notion, or stopped thinking about it, I met an incredible person. And we became best friends in a click. And more and more amazing people started appearing in my life.

And now to my birthday!

The beginning of 2017 has been crazy for me. In a good way though! :) I had no time to think or plan anything for my birthday. I began to accept that maybe Kyle and I would do breakfast, open up presents, maybe hangout with my friends, and then we'll see what comes next. Little did I know, well I kind of sort of knew, my friends had a beautiful plan for my birthday.

Around noon, Kyle drove me to a "secret" place (which by the way, I've guessed correctly for like three times).

I saw a sign to turn left. It says, "Cosy Cupboard Tea Room."

A tea party!

Kyle and I were greeted so very warmly by the waiter.

"Kyle and the birthday girl, Irene? Follow me."

How... Did they... Know!?!?!?!?

We were led to a table where our friends have been waiting for us.

As you can tell at this point, I didn't take that many pictures. I was savoring every minute of fun I had, indulging in every weird conversation, and all the funky stuff we shared haha. :) Sooooo... Yeah. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I did bring a camera. But I forgot to take it out of the car. So I only had my phone, and Andrew's Snapchat screenshot :p

I am in a sugar coma! But I had such an amazing birthday! 10,000 miles around the world feels like home. :)