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Sleepy Hollow Halloween

Never have I ever celebrated Halloween in my entire life. Ever!

It's probably America's second most favorite holiday after Christmas. Right around the end of September, costumes and Halloween themed treats are being displayed in stores, and Halloween pop up stores start appearing.

I wasn't kidding when I said that I've never celebrated Halloween before. As a matter of fact, come to think about it, the word "Halloween" was never even mentioned in my family. Maybe because my parents are quite superstitious. That's probably why I was never excited about Halloween. Besides, I don't do horror! I couldn't even watch the movie Zombieland, which was supposed to be a comedy.

But here's the thing. Halloween is my best friend's favorite holiday. He's only been talking about Halloweeny stuff for about two weeks. And just last week, the plan to go on a spooky hayride at Sleepy Hollow came up. The voices in side my head screamed a big "No" so very loudly. But then again, it is his favorite holiday, and he's probably super excited about it. So... we said yes, and I would figure something out to deal with the hayride.

Second ordeal. Costumes!

I don't own any costumes, and even if I do, it would be in Indonesia, piled up somewhere in a box, or in my closet, with the rest of my clothes that I would never wear again.

"You have exactly 17 hours to figure out a costume," said my best friend the night before the hayride.

I didn't really mind looking for a costume, honestly. We ransacked through Kyle's attic, and finally found costumes! I wore his sister's costume that Kyle's mom made for her when she was younger. And Kyle had a cloak along with arrows and a quiver.

It was the hayride that I was uneasy about. And being Sleepy Hollow, it WOULD be pee-in-your-pants horrifying!

My heart started racing. I researched what the hayride was going to be like, so I could prepare myself mentally. TERRIBLE idea! I couldn't handle the horror, and I started having a major anxiety attack. So bad, that I could barely sleep that night. In the end, I decided to maybe chicken out at the very last minute.

The celebration started off with a Halloween parade, showing off costumes and communities in Sleepy Hollow. I really enjoyed. It was cute and entertaining.

Parade ended. It was time for the hayride. I decided to try and break my bubble. Plus, it's a new experience. The problem is, my bubble was probably made out of tempered glass. So it would take a while to break it.

Hayride started at 7pm. But by 6:30, the line was around the block. I was trying so hard to distract myself. Breathing in... Breathing out... Enjoying the music that was playing. Oddly enough, they had a band that played soothing music. I was concentrating so hard to calm myself down, that I forgot all about my camera and to take pictures.

I kept on checking the time, and the line, to see how fast it was going. I just wanted to go on the hayride and let it be over ASAP.

After four hours of waiting in line (yes. Four hours!) and trying to entertain ourselves, it was finally our turn, and I finally broke my tempered-glass bubble. We got on this hay-bedded wagon with a wire wall in the back, pulled by a truck. Everyone sat around the edge of the wagon, creating a perfect rectangle. My heart was racing. My breath was getting short. Our wagon was going pretty fast on the road. Well at least I wouldn't be able to see anything if we're going this fast.

We started slowing down, and entered a gate.

"Oh sh*t!" Kyle suddenly yelled. "We're going into the Sleepy Hollow cemetery."

No no no no no!!!!!!! I quickly hid under Kyle's cloak and covered my ears.

I peaked through the cloak as we made our way into the cemetery. It was dark. Silence. There were only glimpse of lights from the other hayride. Our truck stopped. I covered more of my eyes with the cloak, and pressed my hands onto my ears so firmly that it actually hurt. Kyle had his arms wrapped around me, and my best friend was rubbing me, to calm me down. And me, I was waiting for something to pop up and my heart jumping out of my chest.

"All clear!" I heard the truck driver yelling.

We continued to go deeper into the cemetery, passing a little bridge. About a couple of feet after that bridge, the lights on our truck went out. My heart was beating about 100mph. I was on the brink of tears of terror.

Suddenly, I heard a clank. I ducked my head under the cloak, and peeked a few seconds later. There were people with masks, and props in their hands, hitting the edges of our wagon and the wire wall. There strobe lights shining on dolls and puppets that popped out of a box or behind a wall. Terrifying red and blue. Screaming. More screaming! And then, a guy with a running chainsaw came out of a door and ran towards our truck.

He's going to kill me. Although I knew the chainsaw was probably blade-less.

He approached the girl sitting in front of me and lowered his chainsaw towards her. She crawled all the way to the middle of our perfect rectangle, and tried to climb her way up. I felt her fright! I almost pulled her towards me. But what good was that going to do?

Then chainsaw guy disappeared.

After 10 or 15 minutes, we hit towards the end of the ride. In all honesty, the hayride was disappointing. Especially for it being Sleepy Hollow. I was expecting more zombies, unidentified forms of "ghosts," gory makeup, and all that other stuff. But they only had people wearing masks jumping out and screamed so your heart jumped out with them. It was not worth the 4-hour wait. And oh! The $20 ticket fee that we had to pay.