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RealHer Review

I’ve reached that age in my life. Except maybe 15 years late… I’m talking about makeup.

I’ve never really been that into makeup. I’ve never owned a whole bunch. If I go out, the only thing I would put on was eyeliner. I was extremely lazy to wipe off all the makeups in the end of the day, and I could never really do eye shadows too well. I would always ask my sister to do them for me. So I thought, why even bother getting them?

Until very recently. The fact that I’m maturing (ha!) and pretty much have been invited to a lot of formal events, like weddings, I thought to myself, maybe it’s time… Plus I do like looking good. Who doesn’t, right?

I started having an obsession with lipsticks and pretty much went on a splurge :p In the end, my sister took half of them...

After my first Fabfitfun subscription box, and receiving a lip set from RealHer (that I absolutely loved!), I went to their website and did more splurging. :) I love the colors. I love the texture. I love how long they last.

More lipsticks. And my very first eye shadow pallet, the Play Book. It’s quite shimmery. But the colors to me are perfect! They are very pigmented and feel creamy. The powders didn’t fall and scatter on my face, they pretty much latched onto me.

I’ve tried other matte lipsticks. I don't like how drying they feel, like when I apply them, it feels like they are sucking every drop of moisture on my lips. But not with RealHer. The texture isn’t super creamy but it spreads beautifully on your lips. It lasts foreeeeever! 

Aaaaand! Their moisturizing lipsticks. My new favorite! Enriched with Shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, the moisturizing lipsticks give a silky creamy finish look, the perfect balance between matte and glossy.

I love the little messages on their tubes. They were like little reminders to build up my self-confidence.

What makes me love the brand even more, their ingredients are cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and they donate 20% of their profit to the American Association of University Women.

I love a brand with positivity! :)