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Mad Hippie Love

As I start to age, I care more and more about the stuff I apply on my skin. Scratch that. Actually, my skin DEMANDS me to care more about the stuff that I apply on to it.

I've always had sensitive skin. Ever since I was a baby! Yes. A baby! I remember that I would have rashes and scratches from a drop of sweat, a speck of dust, or trying on a new moisturizer.

When I was younger, I used to not care as much. I bought whatever products I could afford of course. But now that I'm older, and my skin is starting to show some of my maturity (ha!), I started caring a little. Not gonna lie, it took me quite a while to actually switch from a highly chemical-filled bottle to an all-natural stuff.

No joke, I spent a good 30-45 minutes staring at all the moisturizers in Whole Foods. I actually think some of the employees where starting to get suspicious But there are soooo many choices! I did try a couple. Some I liked. Some I did not. As the ones I liked, the prices were absurd!

Recently, an ad for Mad Hippie popped up on my Instagram feed. I clicked on it because (ahem!) I liked the name. :p And how cute are the packaging!? So I went to their website and read a little bit about their products.


Sold in Whole Foods.


So I bought the stuff that I was about to run out (eye cream and face cream), and a vitamin C serum just because I've always wanted to try one.

In all honesty, I am so crap at noticing the differences or the effect that a product has on me. BUT! After I applied the Mad Hippie face cream for the very first time, my face cleared up the very next day. And earlier today, Kyle told me that my eye bags have reduced TREMENDOUSLY! And this was after a couple of days of lack of sleep. So that's a big yay! Woot!!! I know he was the first to unbox the eye cream and tried it on himself when he had a rash. The rash disappeared the next day.

Oh! And my favorite part of their products, you know how some moisturizers give you this oily stickiness when you apply? Theirs don't! It's light, yet you can still feel that your skin is actually being moisturized. And! And! They smell amaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Like having a floral facial. :)