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Balloon-In-a-Box And A Little Bit of Saratoga Springs

I love surprises! Surprises are fun. But you know, not the someone-jumps-from-behind-the-corner-and-our-heart-feels-like-it's-going-to-jump-out-of-your-mouth-as-you-scream kind of surprises. The nice kind, he-comes-home-with-a-box-and-there's-a-fuzzy-bunny-rabbit-inside kind of nice surprise. That never happened, by the way.

One of our friends had a birthday coming up, as a matter of fact, when this is published, her birthday was yesterday. Woot! Happy birthday, Lauren!

Andrew, Kyle, and myself had been planning what to do for about a month or so. We finally decided on a mini trip. Honestly, that was pretty spontaneous decision. We just booked a hotel without even checking her schedule. Turns out she couldn't leave until after 5pm. Oops... :p

It wasn't until a week ago that we decided to go with separate cars. Kyle and I would go earlier in the day and decorate the hotel room, and be like "SURPRIIIIIIIIISE!!!!!" when she enters the room.

I saw my sister, Susan's, Insta-story a few weeks ago when she surprised her friend with a balloon in the box.!!!!!! Of course I immediately looked up where I could get them, but then I thought, it would be much more fun if I can make it myself.

The biggest thing is... I am terrified of balloons... So Kyle would have to puff up all the balloons. :p

Large box
String (optional)

Helium tank

1. Cut corners of the box, so the box opens as soon as the lid is take off. :)

2. Cut the string to 2-inch length, and tape the ends at the bottom of the box.

3. Insert confetti into your balloon. Not too much, because it will weigh down your balloon. Then inflate your balloon with the helium tank, tie a knot, and attach a ribbon. Tie the end of the ribbon to string. Or tape to the bottom of the box. Write a message in the inside of the box, or on a piece of card and tape it on the string.

5. Inflate a couple of small balloons. Hold the edges of the box to reshape it, and place the little balloons inside the box. Close the box with the lid.

6. Optional. Glue a ribbon onto the lid of the box.

Now deliver the surprise and see the grin on their faces. :D

That was actually the second time that Kyle and I went up to Saratoga Springs. The first time we went was on a beautiful autumnal weekend to visit my friend who worked there.

We took a hike at what Kyle and I called The Trail of Mordor. It was a trail of a constant 45º incline filled with rocks bigger than me if I curl myself up in a ball, surrounded by yellow-withering trees and shrubberies. Just kidding. It was actually a gorgeous hiking scene at Prospect Mountain, located in Lake George. But honestly, it was like walking through Middle-earth. The view from the top was breathtaking!

This time, we went up to shop!

Kyle and I arrived around three in the afternoon. Checked into our hotel, got ourselves situated, and went on a hunt for Lauren's birthday cake. Thank goodness our hotel was located at the Downtown District of Saratoga Springs, so the walk wasn't too bad. Around 10 - 15 minutes. Well, with my short legs, it was more like a prance than a walk, trying to keep up with Kyle's 100mph stroll.

I browsed through Yelp for cakes in Saratoga, and came across this.

A Chocolate Raspberry Mousse cake from Mrs. London's. It was PHENOMENAL! Silky-smooth, rich, and decadent, with the perfect amount of sweetness and raspberry-tang.

Came the birthday girl. Around 8pm, she walked in with a gleam on her face, seeing the big box with a giant red bow.

We went out for dinner at Cantina. By the time we were seated, it was around 9pm, and we were FAMISHED! So no picture-taking came into mind, we pretty much demolished our food right away. :p But it was one of the best Mexican restaurants we've ever been too.

The next day, we started our day with some coffee at Uncommon Grounds. I just love the name! :) Kyle, Andrew, and Lauren got themselves a little bagel breakfast. The bagels were ok. They didn't have the crusty crust and the chewy flesh that a bagel should have. It wasn't bad. Not the greatest, nor the worst.

After our mini breakfast/snack, we walked around the Downtown District in hopes to have our shopping spree. Well our dream was pretty much shattered when we went, "$75 FOR A TANK TOP!?!?!?!? HOLY MOLY!!!!"

12 pm. Brunch time!

We reserved a table at the Gideon Putnam Hotel for Lauren's birthday brunch. I thought their food was pretty good, being the fact that it was a buffet. They refilled the trays regularly. So you pretty much had hot food, instead of cold dry food that you usually get at buffets. And for it being $28++ per person, I thought it was quite decent.

Last stop before we journeyed back home. Another cup of coffee so we wouldn't fall asleep on the road. :p I specifically searched for Bulletproof Coffee, and there was only one cafe that has it. 1.5 miles from our hotel. So we took a little detour to Kru Coffee. It was a rustic dreamland! Wooden tables. Mason jars lamp. I can totally see their interiors being all over Pinterest!

Hopefully Lauren liked her birthday surprise. It was a pleasant mini vacation!