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Autumnal Hike

It's that time of the year where nature bursts into flames of beauties, as if it's their grand finale of the year. With shades of ruby red, golden amber, and russet brown costumes, the trees are taking their last bow, and the sun beams a golden ray of magical spotlight before the wind blows her curtain call. It's the Autumnal show.

It's also the time of the year where all you want to do is be outside. The Sun is friendlier, and Cold is so much warmer. The perfect sweater weather. Except for me, of course. I'm always cold. A little gust of wind will freeze me down to my bones. It is also the perfect time for a hike!

Before I met Kyle, I never would've thought that I would go on a hike. Ever! The fatigue, the sweat, the bugs, the dirt, sometimes the mud. Oh, so many things to complain about! But one day, I decided to try to go on a little hike with him. It wasn't bad. Tiring, of course. But once I reached the top, it turned into a beautiful "aaaahh..." moment. And from then on, we hiked quite often.

"I want to go on a morning hike on my birthday." Kyle had been repeating this constantly a couple of days prior to his birthday.

Having not hiked for more than a year due to the non-existing nature in Jakarta, my lazy butt was screaming to my brain to not do it.

I'd rather sleep. Or do a morning workout at home. Saves more time. Besides, I'm currently bombarded with deadlines. There ain't no time for a hike!

And the excuses went on and on and on.

His birthday finally came, and I decided to go on the hike with him. Though it may not seem much, it's important to him. Besides, it's his birthday. So suck it up! And go!

After about a 10 or 15-minute drive, we finally reached our destination, and we picked a trail.

Like everything else in life, it started of easy. A flat ground covered in leaves. Then it progressed to a gentle incline with a few stones here and there. Back to a flat ground. And boom! A steep slope right in front of me. It's a constant repetition of flat grounds and a sudden steep hike. Honestly, there were times when I just wanted to tell him, "You go ahead. I'll wait here."

But I didn't. I powered through, huffing and puffing, slipping and stumbling, stopping once in a while to gather more energy. Then the "ahhh..." moment came back.

We sat on the top for a couple of minutes, accompanied by peace and serenity. The view from the top was breathtaking!

This hiking trip reminded me why I fell in love with hiking in the first place. It kind of made me think of life.

Life comes in a packet with challenges. There will be rocky roads, twists and turns, steep journeys. There will be times when you feel like quitting, and that the journey seems impossible. But then you give a little bit more than what you're capable of. You push a little harder than you think you can. There you are, in a place where a moment ago, it just seemed impossible and out of reach.

And besides, it's a nice little break from my computer and brings me back inner peace. :)