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A Tropical Memory

Baby it's cold outside~

It's freezing cold. Actually... below freezing! It feels like a winter storm is coming. It is making me miss some tropical weather.

I am writing this at the comfort of my couch, with a warm cup of tea, and a cat cuddling on me, warming my legs.

In times when I missed home, I would scroll through my pictures, and just relived the memories that have been stored. I came across my pictures when I went to Bali with Kyle, my sister (Susan), and a couple of friends. It was one the best times of my life.

If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, you'll know that I revealed about my depression around the mid-end of 2015. So I really needed that vacation and a disconnection from the world. And work...

It was only 4 short days. But the best 4 days!

Our trip consisted tons of food. Monkeys. Elephants. More food. Cafes. Rice paddy.

Oh! And more food. We basically had tons of food. :p

One of our favorites (and I kind of have a little wish that they would open up a branch near us) was Sisterfields. We loved everything we ordered. From the drinks, the smoothies, the breakfasts, and our little dessert in the end.

Our other favorite was a cafe called Revolver. You know what? Come to think about it, all the restaurants we visited were pretty much our favorites. :p

Revolver is located in quite a narrow alley in Seminyak. If you love coffee, and enjoy cafe-hopping, I highly recommend this place. But if I haven't heard of this place before, and just stumbled upon it as I was wandering about, I would've probably never went in. Looking at their door, you would've never guessed that it was actually a cafe.

If you were wondering what those are on the table under our food, they money that people had written messages on them and slid them under the glass cover of the table.

If you do visit Revolver, and happen to see this bill, please let me know. It was ours :) And it would be so exciting for some reason to see it again hehe.

We booked a sunrise hiking tour to the top of Mount Batur.

We were picked up in pure darkness at 2 A.M, and stared the hike at around 3:30 or 4 A.M. The only source of light we had was from our tiny flashlights spotlighting our feet. I didn't know what was around us. It was creepy. But exciting!

We met other hikers on our way. Couldn't even see their faces. We could only make out their silhouettes.

I didn't take any pictures of our journey to the top. I was dead focused on my steps, trying not to trip. Because well... I would. Plus, we weren't be able to see anything anyway.

After 2 - 3 hours hiking in the dark, more than 5000 feet later, we finally reached the top, waiting for the sun to peek through the hills.

Once the sun made her grand entrance, we just sat there in awe, enjoying her beauty. Those ashy, rocky, long hike was extremely worth it!

I remember the trip so vividly, as if I had just returned from it. It was a much-needed vacation.