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A Trip to the Cidery

Have you ever been so excited about something that you started creating scenes in your head over and over again, and you can't really stop thinking about it?

I have been excited about this day for the entire week! Walking through ever scenery in my head.

The open field. The autumn sky. All of us, surrounded by apple trees, sipping on some cider.

But of course, reality is never a portrayal of the images in your head.

I was actually a little bit disappointed. It was not as big as what I have imagined. And it was super crowded! Kyle and I had arrived before everybody else. So we explored a tad.

A tiny little petting-farm-like arena on the side of a picnic area. Little baby goats and chicken running around. 

And then there was a little picnic area, surrounded my a few food vendors, plus beer and wine garden. There was also a little music stage. People came and would actually have picnics around the music stage. Eating. Dancing. Drinking. Having fun. Despite of how crowded it was and the introvert side of me was screaming so very loudly, I actually thought it was quite pleasant. Such a warm vibe. Everyone was in their own little group of people they love. Families. Friends.

And came our little group.

Straight to the cidery we went.

After waiting in line, pondering which one(s) to get, we decided to get the flights. Nine to twelve different flavors. And you know what they would go very well with? PIZZA! Heartbreakingly, there was none.

The ciders were interesting. Less sweet than expected. We had our favorites. And least favorites...

The ginger beet!

It was like drinking a juice of ginger that's just been pulled straight out of the ground. With soil residues still intact. And these faces pretty much described it all.